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I’ve been telling stories since I was a seven-year-old cutting pictures out of National Geographic magazines.

As a passionate story teller and thoughtful creator of engaging, meaningful content, I’ve written and created multi-media stories for a variety of publications. I have a background in journalism and possess a deep love for well-done work, and clear writing. I love stories for their power to bridge gaps, create common ground, and share knowledge.

On Mel Had Tea I share my love for tea and travel with guides, discoveries, and first-person narratives about my adventures. Sometimes I also write articles for the internet at large (tea, travel, food, business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, you name it).

Blog Opportunities

The opportunities to work with Mel Had Tea include, but are not limited to:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Contest hosting
  • Press trips
  • Tea reviews
  • Photography and travel gear reviews
  • Brand partnerships
  • Regional tourism guides
  • Recipe creation

Why work with me?

Before becoming a freelance creative, I worked for an award-winning marketing agency in the travel niche. During my time there I worked on influencer campaigns, and know what is expected in a professional brand partnership.

I only work with brands on that I believe are a good fit.

Work With a Tea Sommelier

As a TAC CERTIFIED TEA SOMMELIER® with the Tea and Herbal association of Canada, I offer a number of services, such as menu design, educational classes, writing and consulting. If there’s something you’re curious about but don’t see here, just ask!

  • Menu Design
  • High Tea Menus
  • Food Pairing Menus
  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Tea Copy Writing and Shop Descriptions
  • Workshops

Hire me for photography

I run a photography business, Mel Hattie Photography, where I specialize in travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography. Whether it’s a destination wedding, boudoir shoot, or an artistic series you have in mind, I’d love to hear from you.


I have prefab workshops on tea, blogging, and photography. Or, we can create something custom. Recent workshops include:

  • Tea 101 for Tradeschool Halifax
  • Tea & Chocolate for Halifax Beverage Expo
  • Japanese Tea & Matcha Tasting at World Tea House
  • Travel photography for the Travel Media Association of Canada


Recent speaking gigs include:

Think we’d be a good fit? Please get in touch.