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I’ve wanted to tell stories since I was a seven-year-old cutting pictures out of my Dad’s National Geographic magazines. As a passionate story teller and thoughtful creator of engaging, meaningful content, I’ve written and created multi-media stories for a variety of publications, some of which are listed and linked to below. I have a background in journalism and possess a deep love for well-done work, and clear writing. I love stories for their power to bridge gaps, create common ground, and share knowledge.


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On Mel Had Tea I share my love for tea and travel with guides, discoveries, and first-person narratives about my adventures. Sometimes I also write articles for the internet at large (tea, travel, food, business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, you name it). As a writer and photographer, my work is published in places like the CBC, Photographers Without Borders, the Globe & Mail, Roads & Kingdoms, Go Overseas, J-SourceThe Coast, Why Wait to See the World, The Signal, and more.


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I also have a business called Studio Mel Had Tea, where I take all the content creation and production skills I’ve honed from years of blogging, working as a journalist, and a content marketer, and provide copywriting, photography, website development, and creative consulting services for a range of personal and business clients.


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As a public speaker, I’ve had the opportunity to be a panelist, lead workshops, and present on a number of topics related to blogging, tea, travel, and technology. Recent speaking credits include: ‘Using Technology to Change Behaviour’ for the Black Business Initiative, ‘Travel Photography 101’ workshop for the Travel and Media Association of Canada, ‘How to Build a Business Plan for Your Blog,’ for Blogjam Atlantic, and ‘Pairing Tea & Chocolate’ at the HFX Beverage Expo.


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As a TAC CERTIFIED TEA SOMMELIER® with the Tea and Herbal association of Canada, I offer a number of services, such as menu design, educational classes, writing and consulting.


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