Work With Me

There’s a few different ways we can work together. Whether you’re looking at hiring me for professional creative services, or want to team up with the blog to create some cool content, the best way to get things going is to send me an email.

Shooting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shooting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here’s some of the services I offer:

Host giveaways and sponsored posts.

Collaborate with other bloggers and tourism organizations to create awesome content, brand ambassadorships, and partnerships.

Speaking about blogging and writing. Focus subjects include: entrepreneurship, business plans, how to rock a niche, How to Build a Business Plan for Your Blog, Photoshop 101, Lightroom 101, How to Be a Better Travel Photographer, How to Start a Blog (come in with an idea, walk out with a blog), and WordPress for Beginners

Tea Sommelier Services

Mel with Louise Roberge, President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.

Mel with Louise Roberge, President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.

Consulting on tea concepts, product development, and etiquette for businesses. Private product review – consult on product design and taste. Marketing and social media for tea companies – let’s talk about your product strategies and your digital story. Social Media 101 for tea companies – a live or digital presentation covering the elements of social media and how they pertain to the tea industry. How they can make or break your company. Tea menu creation for restaurants, along with education on how to store, brew tea. Includes food menu as well as tea cocktail design.

Writing about tea for national magazines, in-hotel/in-flight, and industry publications. Loose leaf tea descriptions for online stores and web copy. Tea writing for food, beverage, and travel publications.

Speaking about tea, as a beverage and lifestyle. Focus subjects include trends, food service, and Tea 101.

Creative Services

If you want beautiful portraits or product photos, send me an email.