Wisdom In Colour

Quick note: I’ll be going on hiatus for one week to work on some projects.

In a perfect world, I would have flown myself out to some french lavender fields at sunset to shoot an image to go with this quote, but pending the deposit of magical mystery money into my bank account, I think this butterfly on some lilacs will do nicely as well.

First of all: spring is coming! (ignore that 30cm snowfall warning for Sunday, Halifax. Today is 7หš and beautiful, amirite?)

Second of all: When I posted last week’s image in colour, I was like, “Colour is awesome!”. When I started these quotes, I went with a black and white preset I had developed because I liked the “timeless” look it gave (and I still do), but I thought it would be cool to share all the quotes I had done so far in colour as well. Some of them actually pop quote a bit more once you add the colour back. Click here to download your favourite for personal use. Throwing text on a photo is so easy (in theory), but I can already look back and see things I’ve learned from doing this regularly. Seriously, practice is everything.

p.s. This post is part of a weekly series I do of free wallpapers featuring my photos paired with a famous quote.   

Author: Mel Hattie

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