What Do You Bring To Your Photograph?

SOMETIMES WHEN you’re looking back through your archives, you find a hidden gem.

I took this photo five years ago on while climbing the trail on Mt. Robson that leads to Kinney Lake. I didn’t get a lot of photos from that trip that I still consider photographically ‘good’ today, but this is one that I completely  glanced over at the time. I thought it was a throwaway shot.

I came back to it this week, and using my much improved knowledge of editing landscape photos, managed to make something pretty nice with it. I like the complimentary contrast between the warm orange clay and cold grey slate of the mountains. Glad I didn’t throw it away.

And of course, Ansel Adams. Freaking godfather of landscape photography and a pretty smart guy. He said a lot of pretty profound things. I guess when you’re shooting rocks as old as time itself, some of that timelessness probably seeps into you.

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Author: Mel Hattie

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