Welcome To My New Blog

Hi friends. Thanks for reading. I’ve changed a few things around here.

What’s New?

  • I’m now self-hosted and running WordPress. I did some tech-lifting and coded/switched everything over by myself!
  • My URL is now People usually recognized me by my synonymous Twitter/Instagram handle anyway, so I thought it made sense to brand the site so everything matched. There’s also a little tea mug I drew in the logo now. Yay!
  • There’s a Facebook Page. This is a whole new thing for me!
  • Re-Designed Layout
  • Cleaned up post categories. There was a mess of categories from old iterations of my site. I’m still working on sweeping up some of the debris, but I’ve introduced a whole new category system, which I think gives a better impression of where I want the site to go.

What’s Coming?

  • Tea Shirts! I’m designing a line of tea and travel-related shirts for purchase. I’ve ordered some testers and will let you know a soon as they’re available!
  • The Great North American Road Trip. My guy and I are setting out from Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 1st, and plan to make it to Vancouver Island and back by the first week of September. The summer of the road trip I always dreamed about.
  • Tales from J-School. I’m not sure what to expect from journalism school, but I’m sure I’ll be all over the Maritimes covering interesting stories starting in the Fall.
  • More Posts! I’ve got about 1,513 ideas (That’s the note count on my Evernote ‘Post Ideas’ Notebook). And I’ve got 22 almost ready to go (The count on my ‘Post Drafts’ Notebook).

Some Growing Pains: When I was moving my site to WordPress, I just could not get the old Disqus comments to appear on my posts over here. I tried everything recommended on Disqus’ site, but nothing worked. So for now none of my old comments are displaying. I do have them saved to an XML file on my desktop, and I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out how to get them up, but if you don’t see your old comments, that’s why.

Thanks again for keeping up with me. I look forward to more travels and getting to write and have discussions about tea, travel, life, photography, and philosophy.

Now, the fun:


To celebrate the new design I wanted to send a surprise present to one reader.

I’m not 100% sure yet what the contents will be, but I plan to put together something special while I’m visiting San Francisco and Portland over the next two weeks. In addition to one giveaway surprise there are also be two consolation prizes.

How To Enter: Just leave a comment below! Please make sure to include your name and email address in the comments form so that I can email you to let you know you’ve won. I’ll be drawing names from a hat, so your comment doesn’t have to be long or fancy to win. The deadline to will be  9am Pacific on July 14th.

p.s. Did you say Portland and San Francisco?

Yes! I’ll be on the Pacific Coast from July 8th until July 22nd. I’m going for World Domination Summit in Portland. I have rented a car to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco, where I’ll be staying another week. Tea drinking spots, the Californian Redwood Forest, and Big Sur are on my list, but if you have any good suggestions for stuff to do in and around Portland or the Bay Area, please leave them in the comments below!



Winners Have Been Picked! I was having a lot of fun shopping for souvenirs on the Pacific Coast, so I decided to double all the winners.

Two Giveaway Surprises:

  • Brenda Linstead
  • Denise

Four Consolation Prizes:

  • Kristine R
  • Bonnie McGrath
  • Mel MacCoubrey
  • Jackie Kidd

Names were picked using a random name generator online. I had to enter all the names manually though, so if anyone has any insight as to a better way to take entries for future giveaways, I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks everyone for playing! I’ll reach out to the winners to get their addresses for present fulfillment. 🙂


Hi, I’m Mel, blogger and tea sommelier at Mel Had Tea. I love to explore, learn, and meet new people. Nothing inspires me more than reading, traveling the world, talking to strangers, and drinking tea.


  • Denise

    Hooray! Lovely to see the new site up and running — I was sorely missing your wonderful book-a-week reviews. Terribly excited to follow your adventures (and live vicariously through your travel exploits, of course!)

    • Mel Hattie

      Me too! I’m back on track now and will be posting them weekly again. (Also: I went to a place in Portland called Powell’s City of Books and it was like bibliophile nirvana. Seriously. If you ever come to Portland, this is where you gotta go).

  • Sheila Boutilier

    On your way through Ontario, make sure you both plan to stop for the night here. We have a beautiful setting and I love tea.

  • Jhess Knight

    Website looks great Mel! Very jealous of all your road tripping! Super keen for a tea shirt when they are ready! If you ever make it to Melbourne, I promise I’ll have a cup of tea waiting for you 😉

  • Sair Korb

    New website looks great! I’m sure a ton of time and effort went into it 🙂 while out on the west coast make sure to try and hug a redwood! That was the highlight of my BC trip. Also looking forward to your Tea Shirts. Safe travels!!

    • Mel Hattie

      Thanks Sair! I will definitely be hugging a lot of trees, and probably wishing I had longer arms. 🙂

  • Gordon Lambie

    At this particular moment in time I am really enthusiastic about reading you blog. Historically, however, I have been really bad at following up on that kind of enthusiasm, so this might be the last you ever hear from me.

    Still, woo! for now. We’ll deal with later when we get there.

  • Bonnie McGrath

    Hope you have a good trip and I will look forward to hearing about all your adventures on your blog!
    I always enjoy your posts.

  • Kaleigh

    They’re doing window construction in my apartment, so I had no internet for three days. It came back just in time to see your new website on the day!
    It’s so great <3. Looks really awesome.

    • Mel Hattie

      Haha, thanks. I hope you got super windows! Be seeing you in a few weeks. ^_^ We’ll be pulling into Ottawa from August 3-5th!

    • Mel Hattie

      Thanks Jeff! Trying to live as vicariously as possible. Possibly a bit crazy, but hey, comes with the territory.

  • Katie MacLeod

    Yay I love it! (I’m also super happy that you have a blog Facebook page, so I don’t miss anything haha!). World Domination Summit sounds fun (as does the road trip… I’m pretty jealous!). Can’t wait to hear your tales from J-School either!

    • Mel Hattie

      Thanks Katie. I was slow on the uptake when it comes to Facebook pages! At least I’m finally figuring it out. Starting the Pacific Coast drive tomorrow; a bit nervous about the long drive, but here’s to the spirit of adventure! It’s good to know that if I somehow get terribly lost, I can always curl up in a Wal Mart parking lot. Ahhhhhh, America.

    • Mel Hattie

      Thanks Maria! I feel bad we haven’t had another table tennis match since that one night. It’s been too busy, but maybe when I return and before Rob and I take off for our North American trip, it would be nice to grab a beer!

  • Danielle

    ARRRRRIBBBBAAAAA leaving a comment because I want free stuff. That’s it. Nothing else. Definitely not to support you at all. JUST FOR FREE STUFF! 😉 <3 p.s. this blog is beyond good. I feel like I could sit down with a morning tea and scroll through your articles.

    • Mel Hattie

      Bahaha! You’re the best. Somehow this got caught in my spam filter and I’m just finding it today (note to self: check spam filter more often) and obviously you are not spam! (You are much tastier than Spam). However! That being said, I already have some free presents to bring to you when Rob and I come to see you in Victoria in August, so I don’t feel as bad. 😉 You are going to love them! And thanks babe. I just want to sit down with a cup of tea and work and write on it forever. Looks like I’m in the right (write) business. Har har, puns. ;- )

  • Sara

    Hey Mel,
    This is my first time on your blog. I’m looking forward to hear all about your travel experiences. I’ll be heading to Vancouver for a week in August for my first time , any tea recommendations for while I’m there?

    • Mel Hattie

      Hi Sara! Sorry for the delayed reply. Somehow this got caught in my spam filter (might have been the Dal email address, but who knows!). I’ll be going to Vancouver for the first time myself in August, and will be hitting up a lot of tea spots. So far, the Urban Tea Merchant and The Granville Island Tea Company have been recommended to me. As for my personal recommendations, none yet! But check back in September. If YOU find any great places, please let me know! I’d love to check them out and write about them. 🙂

    • Mel Hattie

      Thanks Jennefer! I start driving tomorrow. I think I walked about 100km these past few days in Portland, so hopefully my body will enjoy sitting during the drive. Podcasts are key.

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