Truman Capote’s Condiment Wisdom

YOU CAN THINK about this one the next time you’re eating diner food and reeling from your latest rejection. Squeeze that ketchup over fries and think, “This is HOW DELICIOUS it’s going to be when I finally succeed.” The world constantly throws shit at us so that we can rise above and become awesome people. Have you ever seen the movie Constantine? Yeah, it’s basically like that.

There’s no place like staring out a rainy window eating frites to draft your next battle plan to conquer life. In gamer terms, cafés and rainy diners are like save points where you can regroup and gather your thoughts. They are timeless, they are safe, they are fried things and milkshakes that whet your appetite for victory.

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Author: Mel Hattie

Hi, I’m Mel, blogger and tea sommelier at Mel Had Tea. I love to explore, learn, and meet new people. Nothing inspires me more than reading, traveling the world, talking to strangers, and drinking tea.

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