I don’t it as often as I’d like, but every once in awhile I sit down and draw some comics.

This is a rough cover for a short comic book that I really messily scripted, story-boarded and drew some preliminaries for a couple years ago, and would like to go back to someday and finish. I’ve been thinking while I’m studying and working towards getting into Med school in the next year or so, I might have some time to do it. The story is about a young girl on the autism spectrum who is trying to keep the woods on the edge of her village from scheduled deforestation. There’s a fantastical element to it as well; I think kids would like it (and adults too!)

I pulled it out today because just when it was looking like Spring was going to start, we got another big snowstorm here in Québec, and now it feels once again like Winter is never going to end.