More House Guests

April 15, 2012

This dude.

Just chillin’, calm as you please, on the radiator-type thing in my backyard. I was throwing up towels on the railing to dry when all of a sudden, he was just…there. Of course, I was so stoked to see him that I ran upstairs to grab my camera and banged my shin twice in my hurry, afraid I’d come back and he’d be gone. He was a great little subject; I was up in his face all obnoxious-like with my macro lens and he was just staring at me, like it was nothing, like he stares into the faces of giants all the time. And of course, after all my hurrying and shin-banging to get a shot of him, he stays there unmoving for at least two hours. He’s probably still there now…

Dude, I just looked. He is. That’s like 5 hours.