The View from the Avery

May 15, 2015

Halifax, oh Halifax. My city, my city.

AT 7:30AM THIS MORNING I put on a hard hat, adjusted its huge band to fit my head, and then climbed up five stories of under-construction stairs and up one cement-covered, shaky ladder chained to a slab of concrete to take some early morning photos of the Halifax Harbour.

The Avery is a condo building developed by my Dad’s company. I was lucky enough to have project manager Derek guide me up to the top unscathed. The area I was shooting from will eventually become the rooftop patio. I can’t wait until its finished (est. early 2016) so that I can sneak up here all the time to do panos and long exposures of the city at night, and shots of the sea smoke coming off the water in early winter when the ocean is still warm.

As it was, it was a beautiful morning, with just a little bit of wind. I finished just in time to catch the 8:30am ferry to work.

The full-sized panorama is about 22″x84″ large. My favourite thing about it is the little man down by the train.

The worst thing about panoramas is they’re awkward to view, especially on digital devices. They’re really best when printed so you can walk through them and notice all the little details blown up.

Want to post a panorama to Instagram? Forget it. The details will be so tiny it’s not even worth it. It defeats the whole purpose of grandeur that a panorama is supposed to have. I’d rather look at more flat pictures of fancy breakfasts, please.

That being said, do you have any panorama-viewing tips? Anyone know where to get them printed well for cheap? I kind of want to print it for my living room.

    What do you think?

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