Jan. 10 2016

The Time We (Almost) Went on Dog Sled

Because hey, when you travel sometimes things don’t always work out like you planned.

When I arrived on Goose Bay on December 27, Rob picked me up at the airport and we headed over to his parents’ house where we celebrated a belated Christmas, including getting these tickets for a dog sled lesson and tour with Northern Lights Dog Sledding.

Awesome gift! I’ve never been on dogsled.

Rob’s mom had booked a date for me, Rob and his sister Melissa to go. They book up quick and she managed to get the last one available.

It was scheduled for January 2, the day before we flew back to Halifax.

A couple days before our booking we heard they had to cancel another group because of weather.

On the second, the weather looked perfect. There was a light sprinkling of new snow down and it was warmer than previous days.


We wrapped ourselves up in snow gear until we were layered like warm onions. Then we piled into the truck and drove to where the dogs were.




We got to the kennels about ten minutes early. The dogs were ecstatic. As soon as they saw people coming towards them they started barking and saying hi. We pulled up, parked the truck and I immediately (of course) ran over to the dogs to say hi and take their pictures.

[white_box]In order for you to understand my excitement it’s important that you know that Balto was one of my favourite childhood movies. It was based off the real life 1925 serum run to Nome, Alaska. Balto led the dog sled team in the final lef of the run which is now commemorated in the yearly Iditarod Dog Sled Race.[/white_box]

A few minutes later Rob and his sister Melissa came over to me.

Rob: “Well I guess we better head back then.”

Mel: “What?”

Melissa: “You didn’t hear him?”

Mel: “What?”

In my sled dog ecstasy I totally missed that Northern Lights owner/musher Scott Hudson had pulled up in his truck after I ran off to take dog pictures and told Rob and Melissa that the dogsled was cancelled because his daughter had a nosebleed and he had to take her to the hospital.

Aw, man.


Since Hudson took off pretty quickly, when we got back home we messaged him on Facebook to see if maybe we could re-book for later in the afternoon. We met him at 1pm originally and thought maybe by 4 or 5pm he’d be okay to take us out, but he got back to us fair quickly saying no such luck.

We got a refund for the tickets. There was no way to reschedule with us having to be at the airport at 8am the next morning.

No dogsled for us this time.


It was just one of those things.  I was disappointed we didn’t get out, but happy I got to see a bunch of excited Labrador Huskies.  It’s too bad there was no backup plan in place from the company.  There was another couple who were supposed to travel with us as well (who were also flying back home the next day) so all five of us didn’t get our dogsled trip.

That being said, the next time we’re back in Labrador for Christmas we’ll absolutely give it another try.  This time, our imagination had to suffice.

Emergency musher Melissa and rider Robert on the wooden dogsled.
Rob having a great time on his imaginary dogsled tour.

If you visit Goose Bay and make a booking, I suggest you give yourself a couple days of reschedule time, just in case.