Dec. 16 2015

The Ideal is to Feel At Home Anywhere, Everywhere

And here’s some wisdom from author Geoff Dyer.

If you can be down with yourself and comfortable with your surroundings anywhere, anytime, you have basically won the game of life.

As I get older, I notice even I start craving routine comforts. The thing is, the more you seek routine, the more you will feel anxious when things aren’t routine.

We inevitably seek routine and comfort as we age and start disbelieving our ability to cope. That being said, if you teach your routine to include spontaneity, you leave yourself open for a lot more delight.

Sometimes things happen fast and you need to be able to react on a moment’s notice.

For example, I got an email Thursday night for a photography gig, called back Friday morning, went in Friday night for a consult and was shooting Saturday.

By 2:30am Sunday (okay, Monday) morning, I had worked through the night to turn all the photos in on a tight deadline. Today, I’m sending the invoice. And to boot, it was a really great gig!

If I wasn’t comfortable jumping into the fray like that, I would have missed out on an opportunity to work with a great client.

I love it when stuff like that happens. I love being in new or strange places and situations but in control. So, how do we make ourselves comfortable in situations like that?

For me, it’s knowing myself and knowing my gear. I trust myself to be incredibly resourceful, and I can find all the buttons on my camera in the dark.

Whether I’m shooting a gig, talking to an old guy at a bar or trying to ask for directions in Japanese. I’m pretty comfortable anywhere. The last time I remember being really knocked off kilter was in 2014 when I left my phone and wallet in the back of a Korean taxi.

Also: Always bring a granola bar. Everywhere. You never know when you’re going to be hungry. Seriously.

This photo is from San Francisco’s Chinatown. Remember that time I spontaneously drove from Portland to San Francisco? More posts on that in the near future!

Download the wallpaper here!