The Correct Way… Does Not Exist

So often we believe that our truths are immutable – that someone else’s logic or beliefs are flawed. But the truth is (if liberal arts philosophy has taught me anything) that everything is made up. Our cultures, socio-economic strongholds, biases, traditions, hierarchical structures, religions, money. It’s all imagination made real in order to assert order on the inherently scary and unpredictable thing that is being alive and having a human-sized consciousness.

That is not to say that those things are bad. In fact, they are necessary and make life more enjoyable and meaningful to participate in. Being part of a cultural flow is one of the most satisfying things we can partake in as humans. On the flip side, all these different ways of doing things can cause a lot of strife when conflicting views of reality clash head to head. I’m a fan of believing that it is possible to co-exist with conflicting viewpoints, as long as basic dignities are observed (taking care of the shared environment, not killing each other… basically, sharing the planet is the same as having roommates in university).

It’s hard to see eye to eye with everyone all the time.

The good news is: you don’t have to.

I’ve seen a lot of people with good arguments be of the mindset that they have to constantly convince everyone around them that theirs is the only way. While it is good to be able to logically and adequately state your position, accepting that there is no ultimate right way is liberating. The world will keep spinning, and we’ll keep finding new ways to do things. Nietzsche knows his stuff, and the next time someone makes you feel like flying into a mad rage with their different technique or opinion, maybe just think of this quote and relax. People are never going to agree on one perfect way of doing anything, and that’s a good thing (It keeps the species alive! Variation, adaptability, and whatnot).

Forest near Seonamsa Temple, South Korea

Author: Mel Hattie

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