The Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Canada

October 23, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Canada. Can’t get much more patriotic than that, can you?

It was a great time co-shooting Tegan and Jeremy’s wedding with my fellow Henry’s employee and Bishop’s University grad Erin Wells. We were asked to do it by Eryn, another friend and fellow Henry’s employee who was acting as bridesmaid for the couple who came down from Manitoba with the rest of their wedding party to enjoy their celebration on the East Coast. 

I’ve only shot a few weddings in my life; usually I work weddings as a bartender at the golfcourse where I earn money during my summers. When Eryn asked back in March if we’d be able to shoot her cousin’s wedding, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity. It seemed like a good idea to do some nuptial shooting with a group of people I knew would be great.

The bride, Tegan, was one of the most chill brides I’d ever encountered. It meant that the whole day was pretty relaxing. There was none of the undue stress or crying or tears or bad music, or any of the other scary things that I associate with bad weddings. Instead, it was just a great bunch of people havin’ a good time away from home.

This wedding was also a good opportunity for me to get back to shooting regularly. I’ve been a bit lazy with editing since getting back; there are some huuuuge albums I took while in Japan that I haven’t even touched yet. Since I’ve been back from Japan I’ve been using the excuse of being pre-occupied with figuring out my education plans, money plans, future travel plans… all the plans. Really, I’m just making excuses to watch Dr. Who, Netflix, get lost on Tumblr, and read things on Wikipedia that I can only hope someday win me thousands of dollars on Jeopardy. Sometimes my brain just wants to go on hiatus from thinking, probably because I think too much. But, after doing that for awhile, it really just feels so good to go out there and DO something with tangible results. There’s nothing like ‘em: something you can look at and say, “That’s mine. Yeah, I did that.”

With some very busy months for me coming up, I’m just thankful that I only have one season of Dr. Who to catch up on, and hopeful that I stick to my plans and produce some very tangible results in the rest of my spare time.


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