Tea Review Policy

Here are some guidelines and FAQs to help you understand how my tea review policy works. If there’s anything else you’re wondering about, feel free to send me an email!

Q: What do you review?

A: I review pretty much anything related to tea (ex: teas, books about tea, teaware, etc.), and some travel equipment and photography gear. I also do travel stay reviews, which are in a different category.

Q: What does a tea review look like?

A: Here are some examples!

Q: Am I guaranteed a tea review?

A: No. If you’re sending tea for review, and not working together with me on a sponsored post, then you are not guaranteed a post. I do write about the majority of teas I’m sent, but I reserve the right to write (or not write) about the samples I receive. I love sharing new products with my readers, but sometimes it’s just a matter of timing more than anything.

Q: Will I get a preview of my post?

A: No. Depending on the content, you may have the chance to review a post if  you’re working with me to create a sponsored post, which is a different matter. If you’re just sending tea to me, I will not let you preview the post. When it goes up, I’ll send you a link.

Q: When will my post be published?

A: Tea reviews usually come about a month after I receive the tea. Occasionally this is faster or slower due to travel, or if I’ve got a lot of teas in my queue. Often I’ll write posts a few weeks in advance and can let you know roughly when your post will be published. Please, please, please do not continuously email me asking when it will be up. When it goes up, I will send you a link.

Q: What does a tea review cost?

A: You’re always welcome to send me tea. I may write about it. It doesn’t cost you anything. It makes me happy if you promote it on your social media in return! If you’re looking for a brand partnership or want to work together on a sponsored post campaign, you can find more about that here.

Q: Do you post negative reviews?

A: Very rarely. I usually just wouldn’t write about the product. Whatever I write is honest and genuinely how I feel about a tea. I’ll always give it it’s best chance to shine. Sometimes if the tea is great but there’s an area or two of gentle feedback that I think would improve the product, I’ll include that in the review, whether it’s about packaging, presentation, or the tea itself. If you’d like, you can  to hire me to privately consult on your tea product.

Q: We can’t send you our product. Can you still write a review about it?

A: No. If I haven’t tried it, I’m not writing about it.

Q: Can you promote my tea-related Kickstarter?

A: Eh. depends. Maybe if you can send me the product ahead of time. If your product hasn’t been developed yet, then no.

Q: How many teas can I send you?

A: Please no more than three at a time. Or email me and ask first.

More Notes on Sending Teas for Review

Please let me know if your tea is n any way time-sensitive or seasonal. I’ll do what I can to accommodate.

Please send me your teas in the same format you’d send to a consumer. I’ve gotten so many teas with notes like, ‘our packaging isn’t finished yet!’ or ‘please don’t show the bag – that’s the real one we use.’ Come on guys. Not only do I have to photograph your product the way the consumer would drink it, but it’s also kind of sketchy to receive a bag of unmarked tea in the mail—my Mom worries.

Plus, giving me your product with beautiful, full, packaging allows me to take pretty pictures. In the cup, most tea can look the same to the average consumer.

I follow the FTC’s blogger guidelines and each post will disclose how the tea was received and my relationship to the company. Links in the post will be ‘Nofollow’ in accordance with Google’s best practices.

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