Surprise Pants! Surprise Photoshoot!

May 20, 2014

When I arrived home today, there was a mysterious package sitting on my doorstep.

Hm, what’s this? I didn’t order anything from Amazon…

Inside, there was a simple note that said:

“Ms. Mel, I love these pants. I hope they fit you. Bought at Church Sale – thought of you when I saw them! – Jo Jo”


These pants are so funky cool and totally fit with the lime green sweater I wore to work today.  Jo Jo was my professor at Bishop’s, and the culture of Church Sales is deeply embedded into the burrough of Lennoxville where the university is located (Also, how awesome is Bishop’s that profs and students actually keep up their relationships after graduating? Very, that’s how much).  My boyfriend once owned a large persian-style rug that he bought for only $35 at one of the fabled Church Sales, and he had it for years in our apartment (one of the theatre student party spots), and refused to part with it despite its pattern having all-but faded, and there being (more than several) questionable stains on it. It then lived for a spell at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax, but has now taken up residence in the basement of another theatre employee (and so the legend continues). So, as you can see, there’s quite an ideology behind some of the epic and thrifty Church Sale finds. These pants are friggin’ awesome, and were seriously the best thing I couldn’t have imagined finding when I got home from work on this cloudy, foggy day. Thank you, Jo Jo!

p.s. Speaking of my boyfriend (let’s call him Rob), here he is. He liked the pants too.

pps. Rob took this while I was writing all the above.  Now I can fully disclose my bad blogging posture:

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