Sunday Sundries | Vol. 8

Δ  Hopefully you can find yourself nodding along with 20 Signs You’ve Found Your Passion.

Δ I love the idea of a summer camp for adults 

Δ  I learned how to knit recently! Skillshare Knitting 101 series really helped reinforce what I had learned (and gave me something I could rewind and rewatch limitless times). I look forward to trips to Dartmouth Yarns and The Loop!

Δ  This camera wizard build custom Nikon gear for National Geographic photographers.

Δ  This drone footage of Iceland

Δ  David Brooks writes about The Moral Bucket List and how we can all become better people.

Δ  This photo essay featuring a 15-year-old American elk hunter as its subject helped changed the photographer’s view of a stigmatized lifestyle. And beautiful photos.

Δ Hideaki Hamada is one of my favourite photographers at the moment. Go check out his dreamy photos of his children playing in Japan.  

Δ Some old media, The Hollow Men, by T.S. Eliot. One of my favourite childhood poems.

Δ  Want 30 Days of Yoga for free? Look no further. It’s awesome. I’ve been doing these for the past week.

Δ  The Science of Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Things. Amen.

Δ You will never believe this awesome noise – skipping a rock over a frozen pond.

Δ Tree Change dolls – I was never a huge doll person, but this woman’s initiative is awesome. If I had a kid who liked dolls, these are the dolls I’d want them to play with. You can tell the woman who started this just really cares for the dolls and has so much love for them. It’s really sweet.

Δ A real-life Grand Budapest Hotel – Somebody take me! I’ll write long essays, drink gin, and read philosophy in the Nietzsche House.

Δ A model, not a plus-sized model. Let’s not allow passive-agressive language to control us any more.

Δ Do you keep fresh flowers in the house? Reading this totally makes me want to re-purpose a He-Man figure as a flower holder.

Δ See how beautiful Romanian egg art is made. (hint: beeswax plays a key role).

Δ Beyond Potstickers: Around the World in Dumplings. Long, but best food article I’ve read this year. Also: Om Nom Nom.

Δ India’s Death Photographers. The locals who sell photos of the dead amid the Ganges’ burial ceremonies. 

Δ This list of Statutory Minimum Employment Leave by Country may surprise you. Looks like I’m moving to the U.K. (click the arrows in the far-right column to sort by no. of days).

Δ Odigo is a super cool travel resource for English speakers looking to plan travel in Japan. They had me at offline maps.

Δ How To Make Totoro Pop Tarts – because what else is there left to learn after that?

Δ This hotel in Kuala Lumpur is $60/night and has an infinity pool on the roof. Sold.

Δ Various theories as to where the British slang for toilet, ‘loo’ came from.

Δ These nerdy baby photos that made my boyfriend want to have kids just so we can start dressing them up in awesome cosplay.

Δ The Underground World of Tunnels Beneath Disney. I’ve always had a fascination with the functioning of Disney. I’m going to try and gain access to these the next time I’m there!

Δ Did you know the original Betty Boop was based on a black woman?

Δ The world of illegal passport tattoo art. Totally awesome. 

Δ Kluane National Park and Reserve in Canada is another one going on my bucket list,

Δ Did you know some tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets

Δ Take care of your hearts, lady friends! 

Δ RIO Yoga Studio in Halifax is hosting a special 4:20 class tomorrow from 4:30-5:30pm. Sounds the chillest and most relaxingest.

That’s it, team awesome. Thanks for reading! I skipped a few Sundays because of my travel and day-job schedule, but we should be back on track now until further notice. 🙂

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