Sunday Sundries, Vol. 39: Race to the finish

One of the reasons I started this blog was that I wanted a place to share all the things I was thinking about. It’s hard to really know what you think of something until you write it down. As well as place that holds stories, photos and tales of tea and travel, I also like sharing fun things I find on the Internet. Every Sunday I share a peek of what I’m reading, listening to, inspired by, and give an update about what’s going on in my life. These are my Sunday sundries.

This is my final week in phase one of the master plan (the plan where I get my Masters). As I barrel headfirst towards my adventures in London (who’s packing what when?) and Bosnia (do I have enough SD cards???), the Internet (caps, that’s right Canadian Style Guide) provides a much-needed respite from interview transcription, wrestling with Adobe Audition (looking forward to the new psychic update where the program can read my mind) and frantically wondering how I will get everything done before I leave on Saturday. In. Six. Days.

Cute dog courtesy of a story I’m currently working on.

Here are your Sunday Sundries!

And that is it for this late edition of the Sunday Sundries!

Best of luck,

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