Sunday Sundries, Vol. 32: London Calling

This weekend’s been a wild one.

As if hearing that I’ll be going to Bosnia & Hercegovina with Photographers Without Borders didn’t already have me fist pumping around the house, I also heard back from the CBC bureau in London, England that I’ve been accepted there as an intern for the month of April.

My response:


CBC London was my No. 1 internship choice. I told anyone in my program who’d listen that I’d like to be in the heart of the CBC’s European news operation. And now I’m going to be there!

Watch out, you can look forward to posts about my life as an intern there as well as (of course) British tea!

The best part is that London CBC has sent me a great guide for interning there. I love guides. Most importantly, it includes where the local after work pub is. I think I’m going to work my ass off and fit right in.

During Christmas break I had set plans in motion for BiH and the UK, but I had no idea whether I’d hear back or be successful at getting them. Now I have to stop dancing around the kitchen and start arranging visas, plane tickets and the like.

It’s all happy work though. If the rest of my years continue like this, I’ve got nothing to complain about.

I wound down from all the excitement today by making a batch of cookies. The ones pictured in this post! I got the recipe recommended by a friend and you can find it here. Full disclosure: they are very yummy.

Thanks for sticking around. Here are your ( a bit late in the evening) Sunday Sundries:

Here’s looking forward to Monday.

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