Heading to Bosnia & Herzegovina with Photographers Without Borders!

Doesn’t this salmon and avocado bowl look amazing? It’s from Kuma in Tofino. I discovered them this summer – they do Japanese comfort food and I think we’re a bit in love.

This week I’m back at university after a lovely and productive 25 day break. My big news this week is that I signed a contract with Photographers Without Borders to shoot with their NGO in Bosnia and Hercegovina this spring! (!!!) I’ll be based in the capital city of Sarajevo.

Please give me all your recommendations! Tea houses, book shops, hikes, streets, books recommendations re: the Bosnian War, anything. I want to get to know this city.

Unfortunately Duolingo doesn’t offer Bosnian, but I found some learning materials online. Any other Bosnian/Serbo-Croation language learning recommendations would be much appreciated!

Working as a photojournalist for an NGO (non-governmental organization) has been one of my dreams for a long time. Photographers Without Borders is a Canadian non-profit with a huge vision to improve visual communication between people worldwide. I could not be happier to be working with them. Even during my Skype interviews and email correspondence with them I kept thinking, “I really like these people. I hope they pick me.”

Here’s a brief description of the NGO I’ll be working with:

This NGO works to build relationships between adults who grew up with the aftermath of war. The heart of this NGO’s work is conflict resolution and communal reconciliation between separated people groups. This project would include covering several of this NGO’s efforts including their Photo-Voice Project; which is aimed to empower young adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing them with cameras and thus, a medium to voice and document their daily lives and communities.  

In the coming months I’ll be fundraising money and selling photos to contribute to the Sarajevo project. Stick around, because there’s going to be lots of interesting news about that.

In the meantime, here are your Sunday Sundries:

That’s all the sundries for today. Thanks for sticking around!

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  • SO excited to hear all about your Photographers Without Borders adventure! What an incredible opportunity. Great reading list, as usual 🙂 (I’ve just downloaded ‘A Room of One’s Own’ on the basis of that article you shared!).

    • Yes! It’s funny how the issues in ‘A Room of One’s Own’ could have been written yesterday.