Sunday Sundries | Vol. 3

We are expecting a boatload of snow here in Atlantic Canada today. A perfect time to curl up inside with some tea and get caught up on some reading.

Δ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk from 2013 on ‘Why We Should All Be Feminists‘. Chimamanda is an amazing writer. I would recommend without a second thought anything she has written. (If you watch anything today, watch this!)

Δ J.K. Rowling’s 2008 Harvard Commencement Speech is a classic. I remember watching it in the early summer that year, as I was preparing to take myself to university.  Her book based on the speech, Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination is due to be released on April 15th and is now available for pre-order.

Δ  I always knew Writing Your Way to Happiness was real.

Δ What It Takes to be the French Jennifer Lawrence – a piece about France’s crazy dubbing industry.

Δ Amy Tan looks at Where Does Creativity Hide?

Δ A friend sent me this link to What a Cup of Tea Looks Like in 22 Countries. Although the matcha is a bit weird. It looks like there’s a bit of matcha roll floating in with the matcha? Curious.

Δ Grammy’s aren’t really my thing, but did you know killer comedian Kristen Wiig is also a killer dancer?

Δ Louis C.K. is one of my favourite comedians.  Here are five philosophical blurbs from him. My favourite is ‘Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy’.

Δ Listen to Ken Robinson talk on How Schools Kill Creativity.

Δ Cultural navigation is becoming more and more a necessary skill as our world becomes more interconnected. Read this article about Why Are Some Cultures More Individualistic Than Others? Some really interesting food for thought.

Δ This NYT article about Why A Generation of Adoptees is Returning to South Korea.

Δ These badass portraits of Senegal’s Female Auto Mechanics.

Δ This interview between Marie Forleo and Chris Guillebeau on the theme of quests and personal fulfillment. I’ve got a copy of The Happiness of Pursuit to read. As someone who grew up playing a lot of Japanese video games, I can tell you that quests definitely make me happy.

Δ The Canadian Government has acted absolutely disgraceful towards veterans in the past. Watch Rick Mercer’s rant to hear about the latest insult added to injury.

Δ I re-found Haligonians Tanya Davis and Andrea Dorfman’s How to Be Alone after watching one of the Louis C.K. videos linked above. Everyone should practice being alone.

Δ Joan Didion on Telling Stories, the Economy of Words, Starting Out as a Writer, and Facing Rejection. I was pleased to learn of her roots in copywriting. Quite similar to Twitter.

Δ I love the idea of a Photo Exhibition celebrating the life-changing decisions of ordinary people.

Δ I’ve been really digging |||Superwoman||| (a.k.a. Lilly Singh) on Youtube as my dose of comedy fluff. Her lighthearted comedy aimed at young girls contains some great messages about life, and her impressions are fantastic. She also recently collaborated with some pretty huge stars for her slew of Christmas videos. Here’s 25 Things I Learned While I Was 25.

Δ I met Erica Baker when she was the local organizer for the Blogcademy workshop I attended in Washington back in October. I was immediately struck by not only her great personality, but her impressive body of work and the incredible stories she has covered all over the world. Bakers Tell Stories is a blog she shares with her (also visual storyteller) husband. She’s so young and has already done so much. I admire her a lot and hope I get to see her on the road again someday.

Last, and most important…


That’s it. Time to go for a snow run and then hide under the covers and eat chocolate until the winter melts away.

All the best,


ps. Photo of a young man in festival garb relaxing before the local Gion festival begins. Yamaguchi-shi suburbs, July 2012.

pps. I’ve been doing a lot of going back through my photos lately. Finding some real gems! Although, I do wish I had taken another shot of the man more in focus. Ah well, young photographer mistakes.

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