Sunday Sundries, Vol. 27


The holidays are a beautiful thing. When you’re in school. I don’t know when the last time was that I had the holidays off. Probably second-year university and even then I was working the odd shift.

This is a very lucky year for me. I’m completely on my own schedule for 25 days from when my semester ended until January 4 when I’m back in class again. I’ve been calling it the 25 Days of Melmas and am catching up with books, tv shows, laundry, freelance work and anything else that fell by the wayside during the semester.

Even if you are working or schooling or anything else through the holidays, I hope you find some time to treat yourself to chocolate, a book or a cup of tea.

You deserve it. Good job making it through the year!

I’ll be doing a lot of writing here with my spare time, so I’ll be around if you want to talk or leave a comment. This will be the last Sunday Sundries until the New Year, so I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s some holiday reading for you:


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