Sunday Sundries | Vol. 22

Good week to you!

I hope you’re doing well. Me? I’m enjoying being immersed in words and people and editing. Last night, I was at the vigil for Paris in Halifax, interviewing people and recording sounds for a radio piece tomorrow.

In the middle of it, I thought: “You know what’s really thrilling about being a journalist? Having the agency to ask people whatever I want, and knowing that because of my job, there’s a good chance they’ll actually tell me.” That’s so cool!

Of course, if I’m interviewing someone about a vigil, I’m probably not going to ask what they had for dinner (who wants to hear that anyway?), but the pertinent questions I have: “What did you think? How does this change things? Why are you doing this?” They’ll actually tell me. If I was just a member of the public, there’s a chance they might talk to me, but more likely their response would be, “Who are you? Why would I tell you?”

Having people not only be willing to talk to me, but also sometimes actively seeking me out to tell me things, is just the best thing ever. Walking into a scene and being like, “Yeah, it’s my job to ask questions.” is the choicest thing an inquisitive young Mel could have ever hoped for.

Good job me, your younger-self approves.

Here’s what I’m checking out this week:

Thanks for sticking around! Let me know what you think of any of those pieces… I just want to re-watch all of Daria now.

Author: Mel Hattie

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