Sunday Sundries | Vol. 2

Happy Sunday,

Before I recommend this week’s links, I’m first going to tell you all what my current favourite breakfast food is. Warning: It is rich and delicious.

Peanut Butter Bacon Banana French Toast Muffin

Step 1: Take an english muffin and french toast-ify it. Fry some sliced up bananas with it while you’re doing this.

Step 2: Bacon.

Step 3: Using the french toastified english muffin as your sandwich base, smear it with peanut butter, then add the bacon and fried bananas. Top with maple syrup or honey depending on your taste (both are good).

Step 4: EAT. You can thank me later in the comments.

Now, on to this week’s recommend links:

Δ  This New York Times article on Why Google Glass Broke. 

Δ This choose your own adventure-style Hamlet game on steam.

Δ Paul Jarvis’ article on his social media sabbatical, Tweeting my way through the Himalayas

Δ Pantone’s Colo(u)r of the Year for 2015 has been selected, and it is Marsala.

Δ D News’ video explains, Why Are We Creatures of Habit?

Δ  I was really inspired by Telegraph Media’s Nikon promotional videos featuring Rosaline Shahnavaz and Stephanie Sian Smith

Δ Don’t like eating weird-shaped vegetables? Let Tristram Stuart tell you why you should, in his TED Talk about The Global Food Waste Scandal.

Δ  Why do so many entrepreneurs hate their lives? Good question, and an article you should definitely read if you’re any sort of entrepreneur or freelancer. 

Δ  Sushi: The Global Catch is a documentary that speaks to (among a few things) how the global demand for sushi is causing tuna stocks around the world to begin to decline to dangerous lows. It’s also available to watch on Netflix! (I ♥ the Netflix docu section)

Δ Dan Winters is a fantastic photographer who is known for his iconic celebrity portraiture, but also his documentation of the space shuttle launches. Watch his talk about capturing space history. He also recently did a shoot with Benedict Cumberbatch for the cover of Time Magazine

Δ  Mesmerizing travel writer Pico Iyer talks about The Art of Stillness in this TED Talk.

Δ I love this Samsung ad campaign that reimagines self-portraits as the result of selfies.

Δ This cute comic explains the sounds of kissing, snoring, ouchies and more in different languages.

Δ Elizabeth Gilbert talks about Your Elusive Creative Genius, and how sometimes you just have to show up, especially in the wake of previous successes. She also encourages us to debunk the cultural stereotype of the suffering artist.

Δ A lexicographer encourages us to make up new words.

Δ Harper Lee, Author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” announced she’s releasing a new book

That’s it for today! I hope you all have a good week ahead. 



p.s. Featured image was taken on the ferry crossing to Miyajima in Japan.

Author: Mel Hattie

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