Sunday Sundries | Vol. 14

OUR NEIGHBOUR’S CAT always gives me major eyeballs when I stand on the deck in the morning. Somehow even though it’s Sunday I still wake up around 6am, automatically, ready to make breakfast and investigate the day.

Yesterday I went to the Canadian Association of Journalists’ annual conference (conveniently held in my own city of Halifax), and heard a few interesting talks. One of the coolest was Chrys Wu, a.k.a. MacDiva, developer advocate at the New York Times.

Chrys’ talk (conveniently, she’s made her slides available here!) centered around using NYT digital code in your own way, to create more ways for audiences to engage digitally with interesting information and stories.

I suppose I always knew that the NYT, as one of the world’s most successful newspapers with a strong online and digital presence, would have a strong dev team, but I never really gave it that much thought. According to Chrys, the whole 8th floor of the 8th Avenue NYT building is entirely their internet department. Pretty cool.

With that in mind, on to today’s digital reads!

Δ This accurate comic about privilege.

Δ This Shia LaBeouf inspirational video.

Δ Lighten Up is a colourist’s reflections on race in the comic industry.

Δ A Hipper Crowd of Shushers is about the upcoming generation of librarians.

Δ These are two of my favourite TED Talks:  Loretta Napoleoni on The Intricate Economics of Terrorism, and Charmian Gooch on Meet Global Corruption’s Hidden Players.

Δ I’m all about 41 Camping Hacks. Those foam tiles? Genius!

Δ This photo essay from a matriarchal Indian village.

Δ I want to make videos like this:

Δ  Multi-lingual children appear to have some advantages when it comes to seeing through others’ eyes.

Δ 13 Amazing female podcasters to follow.  Audio storytelling by outstanding women.

Δ Many find happiness in A Small, Happy Life.

That’s it for this week!

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