Sunday Sundries | Vol. 13

This kite-flying family knows how to best utilize Citadel Hill on a sunny Saturday afternoon in May.  Me myself, I caught some rooftop rays at the Halifax Central Library’s 5th floor patio yesterday while finishing this month’s edition of National Geographic (marijuana science, dolphins, Nepalese living goddesses… the best one yet this year!).

This week marks my FINAL WEEK at the law firm I’ve worked in for the last 1.5 years since finishing my undergrad. It’s surreal both that:

a) THAT MUCH TIME has passed sinced I graduated; and,

b) that I won’t be heading back to work there next Monday.

I’m really excited for what’s coming next in my life. That being said, I work with amazing, smart, witty, kind people at the firm, and leaving does feel bittersweet.  Pre-nostalgic prattling aside, here are this week’s suggested media!

Δ  50 Essential Mystery Novels That Everyone Should Read. I just bought ‘And Then There Were None’, the Agatha Christie masterpiece and am SO EXCITED to read it, considering it’s been quoted or alluded to by nearly every procedural drama at some point. Even if you don’t consider yourself a mystery fan, you should read some of this list for pure pop-culture referentiability.

Δ Korean tattoo artist Seoeon‘s minimalist and fine line work is precision beautified. I hope to have a piece done by her the next time I’m in Seoul.

Δ Has anyone ever been to this crazy looking place called Salvation Mountain in Southern California?

Δ The Cherry Blossom Girl is a fashion and travel blogger who posts both in English and French. I’ve been looking for more blogs in my niche to read in languages other than English. Does anybody have any good recommendations for travel or photography blogs in French, German, or Japanese?

Δ This is more of a ‘To Do’. I have this habit on Spotify that drives my boyfriend crazy, where I’ll search for one song and then listen to EVERY cover of it. Just FYI though, there are SO MANY versions of ‘Take Me to Church’ on Spotify. I can’t link to it, but just try it. Search your favourite song title in the bar and listen to all the covers. It’s fun. I swear.

Δ Ever wanted to know The Difference Between a Font and a Typeface?

Δ Maybe this makes me old, but I’m just really discovering Twitter chats. Here’s a list of 33 Social Media Groups that are internet goldmines for information.

Δ 5 Behaviours That Make You a Co-Working Space Pro. I really like public and co-working spaces. Coffee shops, libraries, and official ‘co-work’ environments are great not only for the socialization they offer to lone entrepreneurs, but because they get you out in public, where you’re accessible to potential clients. Just the other day I was working in the library café when I saw a contact and we spoke about a job. People are more likely to hire someone who they see regularly, who is easily visible and able to be approached in public. The more often they see you, the more often you’ll be in their minds, and then when they have a job they need someone to do, they’re more likely to think of you first if they’ve recently seen you. Get out of those home offices and into the cafés!

Δ Do you know what scrumping is?

Δ This is a really fun piece where the journalist goes in search of the meaning and history of the change trays used in Japan. Haha, I would always be such a foreigner when giving change in Japan. I’d try to hand it directly to the 7/11 clerk and they’d sort of slide the change tray towards me like, “Here you are, poor foreigner, I will teach you how to be civilized“. Love this.

Δ Robert De Niro’s Tisch School of Arts graduation speech. Summary: “Arts students, you’re fucked.”

Δ Even more amazing (and far more eloquent), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Wellesley Commencement speech from Friday. She will never cease being awesome.

Δ Additionally, here is Chimamanda’s NYT article about her father’s recent kidnapping.

Δ Women in Victorian era England dueling topless over flower arrangements? Yes please.

Δ Nobody Famous, what it’s like to have the social network of a celebrity without actually being famous.

Δ What We Do In the Shadows is an amazing horror comedy faux documentary. Watch it! I haven’t laughed out loud so much so often at a film in so long.

Δ Japan’s 31 Most Beautiful Places; because we all know I’m a sucker for Japan.

Δ I’ve already sung Postmodern Jukebox’s praises. Check out their cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’:

Δ For any Mad Max: Fury Road fans (has anyone not seen that movie?) there’s some awesome B-roll footage now available online here.

Δ This tweeting American politician is hopefully setting a trend for digital public access to government for the future.

Δ See how the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park 20 years ago changed the shape of the rivers.

Δ Did you know the Twitter account Tweet of God has been made into a Broadway production with Jim Parsons? So sassy.

Δ A $1,000 Day in Paris for $100? My wallet doesn’t mind if I do.

Δ Surf genius photographer Chris Burkard talks about the revelations of swimming and shooting in ice-cold Alaskan waters in his TED Talk.

That’s it! Keep it real and have a great week. Happy Sunday to you.



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