Sunday Sundries | Vol. 10

Pizza stone, pizza stone! Barbecue pizza stone! Throw some cheese and grilled pineapples on that, add some friends and craft beer, and you have a recipe for a great sunny, Sunday afternoon.

See the recommended links!

Δ I love this restaurant’s special smart-phone-friendly plates!

Δ 7 Festivals Around the World You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – I want to see all of these.

Δ Today is mother’s day. A lot of moms are amazing creatures, but not all of them have great relationships with their children. Here’s a post for those children that might want something encouraging to read today.

Δ This photographer is looking to end discrimination against fancy camera gear. As someone who has run into the problem of having my gear told to ‘leave’ or ‘get out’ of places before, I definitely empathize with the problem. That being said, you always want to respect wherever you’re shooting, so it’s a fine line to walk.

Δ My Fight / Your Fight by olympic judo medalist and reigning MMA fighter in her weight class, Ronda Rousey, comes out on Tuesday. 

Δ lets you create online charts and infographics super easily.

Δ If you’re looking for something unique to do on Canada Day (July 1st) in Nova Scotia, you can visit Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton to see the monks’ annual Canada Day softball game

Δ Germans reflecting about the success of Hitler satire

Δ How to achieve an 80 hour workweek without grinding yourself into the ground. Don’t ask for family time; just take control of your schedule and make it work.

Δ Photos of food arranged neatly by colour and size is very satisfying.

Δ This hilarious commercial showing the expectation vs. reality of buying a new camera:

Δ This beautiful series of exotic birds saved from illegal smuggling operations.

Δ  This Google Talk with photographer Rick Smolan (he’s shot for Life, Time, Nat Geo, and is one of the best-selling coffee table book photographers of all time).

Guess what guys? We make it through this week, and then LOOOOOOONG WEEKEND!!! 




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