Apr. 24 2016

The Sunday Letter

I just got back from having my mind blown at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House on the Strand in London.

Holy crap. How is there so much good work out there? I was in such shock after spending two hours walking through both the east and west wings of the exhibition that I bought the £25 exhibition book, which I totally can’t fit into my suitcase, or my budget. So much good work, produced in the last year alone. It’s REALLY inspiring to see what everyone else is doing with photography. It also gives me hope that photojournalism isn’t the dying art some news people see it as.

Check out Kei Nomiyama’s enchanting bamboo forests, Canadian Kevin Frayer’s work with eagle hunters in Western China, Julien Mauve’s comedic and thoughtful Greetings from Mars series,the diaristic Indian train journeys by Tamina-Florentine Zuch and Iris d’Or winner Asghar Khamesh’s Fire of Hatred series about women and children destroyed by acid and violence are just some of the many amazing works on display.

You may have also noticed, this week I also decided to change the name of my regular Sunday feature to the Sunday Letter. This just seemed more in line with what I was doing – writing a little letter to you all every Sunday to check in and say what’s up – to share what I found interesting that week.  Sunday Sundries suited my alliteration ego, but I think the Sunday Letter is a better description.

I also updated my layout around. Still playing with some kinks, but what I like about this format is that it puts storytelling first. The focus is on content: words and pictures. Stories.

Speaking of good work: Prince. An amazing man and musician. I always respected how he seemed to be able to keep his private life private, despite his huge success. He was such an anomaly and such a talent. The world could have used him a lot longer. Here’s Miles Davis talking about Prince’s style, and this awesome first ever interview with Prince from when he was in high school.

Here’s some other great stuff from the internet this week:

That’s it from me, compadres. I hope you’re doing well. You’re gonna have an awesome week. Let me know how it’s going in the comments below.

p.s. And how could I forget? Beyoncé dropped Lemonade. The visual album is bringing the concept of albums back, and that makes me very happy.

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