Retro Town in Port Mojiko

May 19, 2012

Rusted doors from the Port Mojiko Retro Town in Kyuushuu, Japan.

This place was so cool! Most of the shops and general aesthetic of the area contributed to make the place feel like 30s-40s era Japan. Some of the shops we visited sold candy and comics from post-war Japan. Lots of great classic-looking stuff, like work by Hisashi Sekiya, and a lot of stuff that resembled Osamu Tezuka’s Astroboy style.

Like being in Fukuoka, it was nice being in Port Moji because as a seaside place it reminded me of Halifax. Nothing causes rust like salty weather and chilly winters. (Although, I doubt the winters here would compare to Halifax’s) While searching for a retro shopping district we got lost for awhile and found this area just full of loading bay doors. I loved it, because I really like huge, old doors, which I think amused the host family that was kindly showing me around for the weekend.


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