Screencap from Episode 1 of ‘Today I Return to My Home Country,’ filmed for Japanese TV.

Mel Had Tea is in the press. Here’s a selection of where she has been featured:

Writing + Photography

Mel freelances for a number of publications.

She is a contributor to Go OverseasFind her articles about studying abroad here.

There is no journey too arduous for a solid cup of coffee,’ Roads & Kingdoms

Photographers Without Borders Magazine Issue #10,  photography for Project 1948 Spotlight

Photographers Without Borders Magazine Issue #7, cover image and photography for Project 1948 article

The business of collaboration,‘ J-Source

Welcome Home, Halifax: opening the door and visiting some of the quirky, stylish and warm-hearted student homes peppering the city‘ The Coast

All the tea by the sea,’ The Signal

Childcare and distance a barrier to employment in First Nations community,’ David McKie

NGO Spotlight: How Project 1948 is changing the social landscape in Bosnia through photos and voice‘, Photographers Without Borders

How social entrepreneurship is changing the Philippines,’ The Signal

How to train your robot,’ The Signal

Hiking and Driving in Bosnia: How to avoid land mines,’ Why Wait to See the World

Mentions and Interviews

Today I Return to My Home Country, Episode 1 『今日で母国に帰ります』, TBS TV, Joint TV (Japan)

PWB Series, Season 2: Project 1948, Photographers Without Borders

Take these steps when you feel burned out and want to start over, Fast Company

Burned Out and Fantasizing About a Big Life Reset? Start Here,’ Ambition & Balance

Giving Bosnian youth a voice through photography in a post-war society,’ Photographers Without Borders

Wanderlust With: Mel Hattie (Mel Had Tea),

An insider’s guide to Halifax: ‘The perks of a city, as relaxed as a small town,’ The Guardian

Expert Round-up in Health & Wellness 2018, Physiomed

Hattie’s journalism venture: tea and travel, King’s Tidings

Bringing the King’s touch to Digital Marketing‘, King’s Tidings


Mel has won awards for her freelance work, including:

Gold, Audio Storytelling for ‘The Fight for PTSD Service Dogs,’ Emerge Media Awards

Bronze, Spot News for a photograph of firemen rescuing students from an ice flood in Sherbrooke, Quebec, College Photographer of the Year

Interested in having me write for your blog/website/publication or want an interview? I’d love to! Contact me at: