Pancake Breakfast in Japan

It’s easy to miss your normal breakfast when staying in another country.  For normal breakfast here is a container of nattou (fermented soybeans – they taste gross, but are really good for you) and an orange; maybe some toast and jam (jam is hella expensive, so I don’t know if I’ll keep this up).

So, yesterday I made myself some pancakes for breakfast. Amazingly, you can quite easily find “Hot Cake Mix” locally here in the stores, even though not many people are familiar with them. My Chinese roommate seemed skeptical about the taste and use of maple syrup, so I also sort of made these pancakes to convince her that we actually eat the stuff.   Like a lot of Chinese, they usually have rice, or fish for breakfast. “Breakfast food” isn’t really a thing here. People eat what they’d normally eat for their other meals of the day.

 I hear that the Canadian exchange students who came before me apparently made french toast really popular in Miyano. 

Author: Mel Hattie

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