One of the last photos of me in Japan. As of Monday, I have officially returned to my home country; back in good ol’ Canada. Because a cabin crew shortage delayed my plane from Toronto to Halifax for three hours, I was starving when we finally landed. The midnight drive home from the airport yielded a large, tomato and onion-covered donair. Let me check: yep, definitely back on the east coast.

Despite being back and slowly readjusting to home while fending off some potent, sleepy jetlag;  I definitely still have a lot of untold anecdotes left about Japan, and hoards of photos to sift through and edit, so I’ve decided that I might as well keep the Japan stories coming as long as there’s fuel to drive the fire. I figure: better to do it here where I actually have a platform to write them than go crazy waiting for somebody to ask, or worse: having to re-tell the same stories over and over and over again.

Some of the nice things about being home: today’s a rainy day, and there’s nothing like being able to stay at home on a rainy day while baking cookies, drinking tea, and relaxing with some candles in a freshly-vacuumed house. The baking cookies bit really rocks; in Japan most houses and apartments (including mine) don’t have convention ovens, so no baked goods or meals. Familiar things like that I ove coming home to. On the flipside, I can already tell that I’m going to start missing some of the small things about Japan (like the umbrella racks at the entrance of all the stores, and the fact if you leave your umbrella there, it will still be there when you get back); I’ve already been whining to my boyfriend about how I don’t want to take the car anywhere, and just want to bike it all like in Japan. But, since the pedals on my bike here somehow rusted and fell off while I was in Japan, it doesn’t look like this will be a reality anytime soon. 

Anyway: this photo! Here is bit of Tokyo’s infamous skyline, including the newly opened (just this year) Tokyo Skytree. The golden sculpture on top of the building to my left is an excellent directional landmark in the Asakusa area, and is affectionately referred to as ”the golden shit”, by many travellers. The hostel we were staying at is just about a 5 minute walk past the golden shit building. Charming? I know.

Fun Japanese Fact: Although Japanese has a word for tower, most newer places with ‘tower’ in their name (Tokyo Tower, Seiroka Tower, etc.). Actually use タワー (tawaa) which is the katakana phonetic spelling of the English word; something about English words being trendy and cool. It’s similar to how while driving on a highway you might pass through a トンネル (tonneru), even though Japanese also has its own word for tunnel.