No One Who Can Rise Before Dawn…

SOMETIMES, it’s all about showing up. Talent might get you noticed, but habit and dedication will build you a career.

I think it can be especially hard for artists. After all, we choose a career in the arts because it’s something we love doing. But what happens when it’s not so lovely? When it’s hard? And not the fun kind of hard.

Struggling to pay your bills, deal with an unhappy client, or with a lack of inspiration are a lot less fund that the ‘hard’ challenge of mastering a technique, or trying something new.

The best way to get through the hard hard times are to show up early, work hard, and keep plowing through it. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being such a trooper.

Also, isn’t it cute how this timeless proverb only says 360 days a year? That means you get five days off – vacation time!

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Photo this week: Dusk at Suncheon Bay in early spring.

Author: Mel Hattie

Hi, Iโ€™m Mel, blogger and tea sommelier at Mel Had Tea. I love to explore, learn, and meet new people. Nothing inspires me more than reading, traveling the world, talking to strangers, and drinking tea.

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