New York and New York – Quotes by Tom Wolfe and Joan Didion

Last week, I was in New York and forgot to schedule a quote post for Sunday. Therefore, today behold: TWO wallpaper quotes! Aptly, about New York, and featuring some street shots I took while visiting last week. As usual, click through for the full-size downloadable wallpaper.

New York is known as one of the best places in the world for street photography. I had a lot of great people moments, but here’s one where I didn’t snap the shutter.

I had just entered Macy’s with my mother and sister. I’d never been in the store before and was taken aback by all the crystal chandeliers and fancy Christmas decorations and displays. We were heading to the elevator on the first level when I passed a letter writing station – somewhere you could sit down and write a letter to Santa Claus. There was a post office box in the middle, and the table was filled with mostly kids and some of their parents. However, their was one middle-aged woman who appeared to be alone. She was dressed in clothing that had seen better days, had a weathered face and was writing very slowly. Being a nosey-pants, I peeked over to see what her postcard said. “Dear Santa, I wish for a home for my children. I wish to be better for them. I want to improve my life…”. Feeling like I was invading her privacy, I quickly continued on, but was really touched by her genuine letter.

Ah, New York! Sometimes it seems like you’re so in love with yourself, and sometimes it seems like I know why.

Successfully navigated myself to Times Square. That place is all hustle.
Successfully navigated myself to Times Square. That place is all hustle.

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