May. 9 2018

A Playlist for Solo Female Travelers

I’m sitting in a pool of sun by Gate 22 on the upper level of the Halifax Stanfield Interational Airport in my hometown. It’s Wednesday. 9:30 a.m. I’m back by the departures gate less than 24 hours after rolling in yesterday morning from a five-day trip to Quebec City with Rob. Is this it? Have I made it?

This morning I’m on my way to Tokyo, one of my favourite cities in the world and then on to Wazuka, southeast of Kyoto in prime tea growing country, where I’ll spend three months (the maximum my Canadian passport will allow without getting a visa) working on a tea farm.

A soundtrack for solo travel

You know what solo travel feels like? It feels like being the star in a movie made just for you. All the other travelers around you are starring in their own movies, dramas, pivotal moments. Sometimes you catch a glimpse, as they shout their lines into a cell phone, or give a teary final kiss to a loved one before departing, or jump into the arms of another at the arrivals gate.

You remember the intro sequence to Love, Actually, where all the travelers are greeting each other at the airport? One of the best movie intros ever? Yeah. Kind of like that.

So naturally, when I’m on the road I love listening to music, providing a little soundtrack to my movie. For the past two days as I’ve been making my final preparations for this Japan trip, I’ve had Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now stuck in my head. I jumped into Spotify and before I knew it I had a whole playlist of my most epic personal travel anthems put together.

With that, I present you with this epic and eclectic mixtape. It’s public on Spotify, feel free to suggest your own tunes!


Would’ve loved to have this “Playlist for Solo Female Travelers” yesterday when I flew across the country????????. Looking forward to hearing about your next tea adventure – working on a tea farm!

That’s awesome Kelli! Thanks. I’m catching the train from Tokyo to Kyoto, then a bus to the tea farm today! Can’t wait to arrive. You flew across the country! Exciting. Where did you go?

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