Nov. 11 2015

It’s Not What They Call You

First, a nod to veterans young and old on this Remembrance Day.

I wouldn’t do well in the service.

Mostly, I am far too self-centered, questioning and suspicious of authority figures to ever work successfully in the army.  I would probably be booted out on day one.  Not ideal soldier material.

I have friends and family who have been a part of the military, or who are still a part of it, in one way or another.  Some of them are the most earnest and steadfast and brave people I know.  Some of them.  Some of them just do their jobs, and that’s fine too.

An organization that goes to war in my name, and makes decisions I don’t often agree with can be tricky.  That fact that this organization contains some amazing people makes it further complicated to resolve in a binary system.

It’s like seeing an ugly, old, broken-down machine on the garage floor, and then looking closer and seeing that the heap of junk is made out of diamond and gold parts. Confusing.

If only someone could figure out how to put the machine together.

Let me try and stay on-message, here:

W.C. Fields said, “It’s not what they call you. It’s what you answer to.”


People will call you all sorts of things. They will try and draw a box around you as soon as they meet you.

It’s not really their fault – life is simpler this way. Who can blame them?

(Well, you can, actually)

But! It’s not your obligation to step into the boxes they’ve drawn. You can stand aside and say, “Nice box. Not for me.” and then go and get into whatever box you please.

Sometimes people will make a box for you and the. Come and say, “Come and stand in this beautiful box I built for you! I wish someone had built me a box like this.” And if you decline, they’ll say, “how ungrateful.”

Boxes are not one size fits all.

If your personal box says artist, then don’t answer to accountant.

If your personal box says accountant, then don’t answer to artist.

People will get the idea soon enough. You gotta write something on that box though. I mean – you’ve gotta give people something to call you!

Download the wallpaper here.

I took this photo of a clear day at Mt Robson in August. A day before being proposed to on this very mountain! Fancy that.