It is Better to Speak

February 5, 2015

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesdays – the new home of the quotes.

This photo brought to you by this extraordinary tree that was growing outside of one of the temples that I stayed at near Mt. Kuruson, in Western Japan.  This tree was the first thing I saw in the morning when I slid aside the paper doors and leaned out from my sleeping pad.  The sandy gravel around it is raked daily by the monks.

Middle of the mountains, agricultural surroundings, and a vegetarian buddhist diet.  No cell phone reception and nothing to do but tend to the temple and gardens. Ah, paradise. ♥

We have a huge amount of snow here in Halifax right now, which makes getting to and fro quite a challenge.  I’m trying my best not to become a hermit.  Luckily I walk to and from work every day, which guarantees I see the sun at least a little bit.  Right now I’m just counting down the days until spring and longer daylight hours.

p.s. This post is part of a weekly series I do of free wallpapers featuring one of my photos and a famous quote.  Click on the image above to download the full-sized wallpaper.