“Fuck Cancer” Fundraiser at Pacifico

March 23, 2015

THIS PAST WEEK was chock-full of shooting and editing.

Fuck Cancer” is a charity organization. I bet you can guess for what.

They hired me to shoot their fundraiser hosted at the Pacifico club in Halifax. Attendees were required to buy a $20 t-shirt as ‘cover’, which was added to the fundraising pool.  As a photographer, here’s are two things to know about Pacifico: a) There are a lot of really cool disco balls. b) It’s really dim, so you have to know how to work with the available light, unless you want to rely on flash. Also, you need to be really quick with your settings, as you’re going from dark dance floor to fluorescent-lit hallway, to candle-lit bar. There’s all kind of lighting going on here.

As per most events attended primarily by university students, it didn’t really start to pick up until around 11:30pm. The crowd was great, and everyone was wearing their t-shirts. The different colour ribbons on the shirts represent different cancers. I was given teal, for ovarian cancer.

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