Nov. 20 2015

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost


Can we all take a moment and just cogitate about how profound Nintendo is?

Seriously. I owe these guys a lot. From my twitch-like Command+S behaviour to save documents, to the way I organize my cupboards (like my potions, armours, and alchemy tools in various RPGs).

I’m digitally very organized so often when I walk by someone else’s computer and I see files strewn willy-nilly across the desktop I have to restrain the urge to grab their computer from them and organize everything.

Getting into a good digital organization habit not only helps keep crap off your computer but also helps you get shit done faster. I swear, spending a couple days coming up with a digital organization system if you don’t have one is totally worth your time.

Back to games:

I hear the nature vs. nurture argument all the time with video games. Did the kid like violence and so was drawn to violent video games, or did playing the video games make the kid violent?

What I do know is I had a lot of friends that played the same Nintendo games growing up, and we all turned out differently. Games just magnify whatever tendencies you already have within you.

Like Reza Aslan‘s CNN response about religion, each video game is whatever you bring to it. Some people are going to bring ridiculous violence, some people are going to bring rebellion, some people are going to bring a compulsion to collect relics.

I like having goals, and helping people. For example, both Pokémon and Legend of Zelda have a storyline where you progress by talking to other people, and honing your skills. That’s so nice!

Their games also had storylines that made me laugh and cry.

Always a good time.

As a life philosophy bonus, they also teach you to save  regularly.

Always a good idea.

Whether you’re a professional (go get some backup hard drives and starting hitting Command+S like it’s your snappy catchphrase) or just ruminating on life (if you don’t take the time to be present for memories, you’ll lose them, like you were never there, because you’re never making them).

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Featuring the Tokyo skyline as seen from the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.


i love this post. thank you.

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