Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

A book that was so goddamn sweet, and also broke my goddamn heart.

After I read the last page, I flipped to the next page, didn’t see any more writing, frowned, and flipped back and forth a few times, like “That’s it???”.

My boyfriend who was in bed with me at the time observed this and laughed at how disgruntled I looked. It’s an ending that makes perfect sense, yet I never saw coming. I was lulled into relaxation by the sweet cadence of teenage love.

To summarize, Eleanor & Park is about the relationship that forms between its namesake teenagers living in Omaha in 1986, who fall in love over 80s music and x-men comics despite unfavourable circumstances and a challenging social environment. 

Everyone should read this book. Not only because it’s a good (and quick) read, but because underneath its sweet love song there’s a whole counter-melody of issues like poverty, domestic violence, family relations, racism, e/immigrant struggles, substance abuse, body image, paedophilia and bullying. Schools should put this on their Jr. High curriculum.

High five, Rainbow Rowell, you’re pretty awesome.

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Author: Mel Hattie

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