Driving Across Canada Day 3: Montréal to Ottawa

We were slow to wake on the morning of the third thanks to the amount of beers we drank the night before. We made it out of bed at 11:30am to meet fellow travel blogger and Bloghouse Cohort Bethaney Davies of Flashpacker Family at St. Viateur’s on Monkstreet.




We then packed up our bags and got on the road to Ottawa, completing the Québec leg of our journey.


Here’s a complete tour of Québec, from the New Brunswick border all the way to Ontario, made all the sweeter by another sultry, scat a cappella by Robert, feat. Chris Bisson of Busy Beaver Farm and Dave Goudie of the band Calvino.

You know what’s important as you drive across the country? Fun.

You know what else is important? Friends.


We’re staying with friends in Ottawa, in a suburban community known as Blackburn Hamlet.  The afternoon was well-spent catching up with our hosts, and cooling off in their in-ground pool while drinking champagne and working on the blog. ‘Tis a hard life.

Our hosts then treated us to a barbecue with three types of marinated chicken (jerk, garlic and herb, teriyaki) and basil cilantro rice; and also gave us a place to sleep absolutely free.

[white_box]Lesson: If you want to travel across the country on the cheap, invest in your friendships early on, so when you’re all old and scattered across the country, you have a whole network of couches you can call on. [/white_box]

We also tamed some wild Ontario dolphins.

It was like shark week.

That night we went out to drink some beers and catch up with more friends who had one way or another ended up in Ottawa.


We started at the Mill Street Brew Pub where it’s IPA week. I learned that some people eat mussels by sucking them straight out of the shell (I’d always picked them out with a fork – who knew?).

When Mill Street closed up early at 10pm (it was a civic holiday), we headed across town to The Royal Oak (the Tim Horton’s of Ottawa Bars) for wing night (score!) and more beers.


They were only open until midnight (damn you civic holiday) so we headed back to the hamlet when they closed. It was probably a good thing though, considering our wallets and livers.

Cost Day 3:

  • Smoked Salmon Bagel with Coleslaw at St. Viateur’s: $18.50
  • Bag of 12 Bagels at St. Viateur’s: $4.50
  • 2 Beer at Mill Street Brewery: $16.00
  • 3 Beer and Wings at The Royal Oak: $29.84

Total: $68.84

Author: Mel Hattie

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