Aug. 2 2015

Driving Across Canada Day 1: Halifax to Quebec City

We’re off to a great start, with beautiful driving weather from here to New Brunswick, and then an exciting ‘Major Thunderstorm Warning!’ from neighbouring Maine that interrupted out radio and made us feel like we were in the first 15 minutes of a natural disaster movie (we drove through some rain, but nothing Twister-esque). Day One complete!

Check out our time-lapse video driving down Route 2 in New Brunswick, narrated by Rob:

Last night saw us wandering around the Citadel of Old Quebec, eating maple syrup candy and crêpes from street stalls, and (like the road trip gods were smiling down on us) seeing a rainbow!

I’m sure not all days will give us such good weather and conditions for exploring, but I definitely am thankful for a good start.


Last night we drove an hour outside of Quebec City to Victoriaville (en route to Montréal, our next stop), where we had free camping for the night in a parking lot outside Parc Terres-des-Jeunes.

This morning, we shimmied over to McDonalds to use their bathrooms and grab some free wifi and breakfast. Next we plan to get some groceries from the nearby Farmer’s Market before getting back on the road to Montréal. Allons-y!

Day 1 Costs*:

  • Fill the gas tank before leaving in Dartmouth, NS:  $72.45
  • Breakfast, 6 bottles of water outside Truro, NS: $8
  • NB Route #2 Toll Booth: $4
  • Gas up outside of Oromocto, NB: $56
  • Coffee and Map at NB/QC Border: $6
  • Squeaky Cheese and Fill Gas, 30 Minutes Outside Quebec City: $74
  • City Parking in Quebec City for 4.5 Hours Outside Jardin Jeanne-Arc in Old Quebec w. wifi and bathroom: $10
  • Icy Maple Syrup Street Snack in Old Quebec: $2
  • Supper of Quinoa Feta Salad, Perrier, Nutella-Banana Crêpe, Tea in Old Quebec: $17
  • Toothbrush (I forgot mine) and sparklers in Victoriaville, QC: $4.53

Vehicle: 2000 Dodge Caravan (not the most gas efficient)

Distance Travelled: 1,192.5km/10,500km = 11.36% of Driving Complete!

*Costs for food are for one person, costs for parking, gas, and other split things were split between my boyfriend and I, so for example: $72.45 in gas really only cost me $36.23.

Quebec_City_Mel_Hattie-16 tunnels

My boyfriend was really excited by the tunnels at the Quebec Citadel… he really likes tunnels.

A few people on their own road trips have already reached out to us to meet along different legs of our journey. If you’re traveling around Canada this summer too, let us know! Our approximate locations on dates are on my original post, How To Plan The Great North American Road Trip.


Brenda Linstead

Rob the driving look like it was a bit hairy for me, you can save gas by slowing down and enjoying the scenery on the way. It is better to get there then not at all, take care and be safe.

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