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Charity With 20s Elegance: Lawn Summer Nights in Halifax

July 27, 2015

For the last two years I’ve been involved in shooting the Cystic Fibrosis charity event known as Lawn Summer Nights.


Lawn Summer Nights (“LSN”) is an intense summer fundraiser in cities across Canada that takes the form of a month-long lawn-bowling tournament in the host city (awesome, right?). Teams of four or more people enter, with the minimum fundraising bid being $100 per person.

They meet on four Thursday nights in July to have a huge bowl-off, complete with sponsored food, swag, and of course, prizes for the biggest fundraisers.

In Halifax, LSN is hosted at the St. Mary’s Lawn Bowling club, which has spectacular views of the Northwest Arm.


But not only are the views at this event spectacular, so are the people.











I’ve met some of the coolest people in Halifax here. Most participants are young professionals between 20 and 35. It’s so awesome to see such a large charity event attended with such vigour by young adults who are excited about making a positive impact on the world.

There’s also a fair bit of fun to be had, with teams dressing up in themed clothes, prohibition-era jazz music playing, and lots of Gatsby-esque dressing encouraged. This is actually quite an easy event to shoot, because everyone looks so goddamn good. There’s even a prize for best-dressed, so please feel free to unleash your flare.


Tickets for next year’s Lawn Summer Nights aren’t yet available, but when they do become available, expect them to sell out quick.

A lot of the faces I saw at this year’s event were repeats from last year. Obviously they realized what a good thing this was. I’ve been told tickets for this year’s event sold out in less than thirty minutes.


Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook Group for updates throughout the year, and for tips on when next year’s event will be.

For a complete gallery of all the awesome people, food, spectacles and sparklers from the Lawn Summer Nights Halifax finale on July 23rd, 2015, check out my Flickr album, here.

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