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Japan June 20, 2018 I’m living on a Japanese tea farm! You might know by now that for the past month and a half I’ve been living on a Japanese tea farm in the Kyoto countryside. The place I’m staying at is called  Obubu Tea Farms and is a really amazing m... Japan June 18, 2018 Sencha do, the other Japanese tea ceremony Kaoru Nakai welcomes us into her family's home. It's more than 130 years old and cool in the summer. "And also in winter," she jokes. Nakai speaks Japanese but between my small knowledge of the langu... Japan July 17, 2015 Five Memorable Experiences in Kyoto There are many memories waiting to be made in Kyoto. You would really have to work hard to have a bad time in the city. It is very walking friendly, and surprisingly most things are relatively close ... Japan August 10, 2012 The World’s Biggest Fish Market: Tsukiji in Tokyo, Japan   The Tsukiji Fish Market was a large, wholesalers fish market that has become an unexpected tourist phenomenon over the years. While an early morning (between 5am and 6am) appearance and sign... Japan August 7, 2012 Watching Fireworks with A Million People No one does crowds like the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo The Sumidagawa is a large river that snakes through Tokyo’s downtown. There are several bridges crossing over it downtown near t... Japan August 2, 2012 Back in Canada One of the last photos of me in Japan. As of Monday, I have officially returned to my home country; back in good ol’ Canada. Because a cabin crew shortage delayed my plane from Toronto to Halif... Japan July 29, 2012 A Magical Day at the Foot of Mt. Fuji: Kawaguchiko Bumblebee on lavender stalks. Near Mount Fuji, Japan.