“Cascade” Album Release by Andriana Chobot

May 11, 2014

First of all: Happy Mother’s Day! To all those mums out there: raising a child is a formidable task, and you are all very brave.

This cross-borders project has been awhile in the making.  Back when we were all back at university in Quebec together, sound designer Shawn Bisson (an OIART grad from Goose Bay, Labrador, living in Halifax), singer-songwriter Andriana Chobot (a displaced Ontarian in Vermont) and I talked about making an EP followup to her first release, “Besides”.  A few graduations, an airplane visit,  cross-country migrations, plus lots of internet messages, Dropboxing and hard work (mostly from Shawn and Andy) later, I’m really happy to say that Andy released her second EP, “Cascade” yesterday.  You can check it out and buy the digital download or physical copy here from CD Baby.

You can also buy it off iTunes:

Below are copies of the album design that I came up with, including the overlay templates so you can see how the album fits together.  All the photos were shot during a whirlwind visit from Andy last fall, where I attempted to show her a bunch of Nova Scotia while simultaneously working part-time and shooting.  I made her get up early lots of mornings to arrive at locations before the early morning light dissipated.  The waterfall featured on the album is Waddell Falls in Truro, Nova Scotia.

p.s.  As a bonus, here’s the video (made of pictures – not even real video, sheesh)  that I made four years ago to Andy’s hit “Starving Artist” when Andriana released “Besides” at university.  This was a reoccurring theme song for most of the undergrad arts degree students. Once upon a time ago it was up on Youtube, but I took it down ages ago because I think the production quality is so bad compared to what I’m capable of now, haha.  Nonetheless, here it is for old time’s sake:

05/15/2014 UPDATE: We discovered this review of the album on the foreign releases page of a Japanese online CD store. Next step: Big in Japan! When bootlegs and torrents are available, that’s when we’ll know this album has succeeded.

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