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My dirty secret…

This is Anna, from a series I did of people in their bedrooms back in the summer of 2011.

Here’s my dirty secret: If Im shooting something for myself and not for money, sometimes those projects end up getting buried on my hard drive before I get the chance to see them through to completion. Case and point.

I totally forgot that I had done these, and then just rediscovered them, and then realized that I never shared them. Even though I think my technique may have improved since then, I still really love this image. There’s always something good hidden in your catalogues.


Seeing up Close with Digital Imaging Students

A collage of the students’ eyes in the Dig. Imaging class that I T.A. for.

I’m back at university in Quebec for a semester to finish up my degree. I’m in the dead of winter and most of my close friends have graduated, and my boyfriend and our cats are in our home 990km away (I was going to say 1,000, but I didn’t want to sound dramatic).  Here’s to getting it done though, I’m sure there’ll be fun things to do this semester nonetheless. 


Prints Up on Society6

Hey guys! I’m very excited to announce that I’m now selling a few of my prints through Society6! They’re reasonably priced, include a variety of sizes, and even have some fun options like iPhone cases, cards, and laptop skins. Even if you’re all shopped-out for the holiday season, please drop by and give my shop a quick look-around. Thank you so much! Happy holidays!


Happy Cat, Happy You

Happy cat in a felt ball.

For Christmas, I bought Taters this felt ball/bed/cave from this seller on Etsy. I read that cats like the lanolin smell of felt, and that’s why they’re so attracted to it. I also knew that Taters loves to carry around in her mouth a felted mexican skull that I own, so I thought the felt would be a win-win way to go. But then, for days after initially giving her the cave she would only check it out and not sleep or try to get inside it. This made me sad because “Oh man, it would be so cute if she slept inside!” and also, “Oh man, did I just spend $60 on a giant piece of felt that I now have no use for?” BUT! Luckily and awesomely, after I tossed one of her toys inside, Taters followed suit and now loves the ball. She slept for three hours straight inside of it the other day, and for another hour today. Mission cuteness: achieved.