Adventures in Fukuoka and Nokonoshima Island

April 29, 2012

n orchard truck sits ready for action; the season for orange harvesting in Japan has begun.

Vendors kick back and relax at this outdoor market and popular artist hangout on Nokonoshima Island, near Fukuoka, Japan.

Nokonoshima is the funkiest, hippest little granola island ever.

Orange grove on the top of Nokonoshima Island, near Fukuoka, Japan.

Embarrassingly enough, once I got to the top of Nokonoshima, I realized I was about 200 yen short of cash (they didn’t take VISA, of course) of the entrance fee for the island’s official flower park. So, after wandering away from the main entrance for a bit, I found this trail that led into this neat orange grove. There was an older man there harvesting oranges, who said I could stick around and take as many pictures as I liked. He had a really sweet demeanor; I’m grateful he didn’t just kick me out of there like a penniless bum.

Aside from this, I took a few nice pictures of the grove as well. I’ll try and put those up somewhere later.