Sep. 29 2015

Driving Across Canada Day 13: The Road to Calgary

This would be our final day of high-tailing it across the large centre of the continent. We woke up early and made a beeline for the border.


Here’s the great thing about the high elevation of White Sulphur Springs:

We put the van in neutral as we left town and coasted for 20.7 km down the mountain.

On a side note: We’ve decided we need to make some friends in the centre of the continent.

On both the American and Canadian sides, our choice of friends to see over the couple days to cross from approximately mid-Ontario/Minnesota to Saskatchewan/Montana was non-existent.

People of the central continent, let me befriend you!

We crossed over into Coutts, AB at the Sweetgrass border crossing. The town just north of the border is exactly what I romanticized the Albertan countryside to look like.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


We continued over into Calgary where Rob’s cousin lives. There was a small mishap where we drove into a Calgary suburb to get some Tim Horton’s, but then realized we were in Stephen Harper’s district and got out of there as quickly as possible.

Being back in Canadian territory where our currency wasn’t entirely useless felt good.


Once making it to Rob’s cousin’s house in the suburbs, we spent the rest of the day doing laundry and responding to work emails that had piled up, and of course Rob wanted to catch up with his relatives so it was a pretty low-key day in all.

We ate some pizza, drank mojitos, and prepared for the next leg of the journey we had been waiting for: The Canadian Rockies.

Day 13 Costs:

  • Gas in Dutton, MT: $40.05 USD

Total: $40.05 USD (cheapest day yet!)