Mosquitoland by David Arnold

I picked this off the shelf for its cover. Inside my head, it pretty much went like this: “Young female protagonist? Check. Vintage colours with nice ink lines? Check. Good font? Check. Check. Cleverish title? Check. Some hint of travel-related bildungsroman-ness? Check. Book, I am going to buy you.”

So was it any good? Yeah, it was pretty good. The author had a fun way of writing that captured the flat humour of an intelligent (but immature) and sarcastic teenage girl well. (There were also Lord of the Rings jokes scattered throughout, so win).  A few characters and scenes fell flat, and a couple scenarios were oversimplified or didn’t go anywhere, but I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. It was very charming, and I still really like the cover. The narrative is a bit Garden State-esque, so if you liked the movie Garden State, but basically wish it had been cast with a young female protagonist, I’d recommend picking up this book.

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Author: Mel Hattie

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