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April 2016

Destinations England

Real world travellers don’t pack incense

During the fourth week of September, a meeting was held for students in my journalism program in the alumni hall auditorium to talk about internships – these vague things that happened months down the road in April.

A bunch of faculty got up and spoke, including a Mr. Doug Kirkaldy, who I didn’t know very well yet, having not taken the radio workshop (oh, how much I had to learn). After the talk was over and everyone was filing out I went over and tapped his arm.

“Are there CBC offices abroad we can go to?”

Because he is very kind he mentioned some further places in Canada, and then said, “Well there is the bureau in London.”

I fixated. “I want to go. How do I make that happen?” Continue Reading

The Sunday Letter

Sunday Sundries, Vol. 40: Live from London

One of the reasons I started this blog was that I wanted a place to share everything I was thinking about. It’s hard to know what you think about something until you write it down. As well as place that holds stories, photos and tales of tea and travel, I also share fun things I find on the Internet. Every Sunday I share a peek of what I’m reading, listening to, inspired by, and give an update about what’s going on in my life. These are my Sunday sundries.

So it’s Sunday. Which was named after Sol, the god the Romans made up to copy the Greek Helios, who was introduced from the Greeks from Asia. Or, if you’re in New Delhi, today is Ravivar, the day to worship the sun Lord Surya who can save you from skin diseases.  In Nepal, today is gza’ nyi ma or གཟའ་ཉི་མ།. In In Tokyo, it’s nichiyōbi or 日曜日. In Munich, it’s Sonntag.

You may have noticed a pattern. Sun!  Which we are supposed to get a lot of today in London (unusual, I know).

I won’t go on too much about London right now, because I have a big post coming later today about my first week here. If you can’t stand the anticipation and need a quick reprieve: It’s awesome. I’m doing well.

Mel Had Tea got a shout out in The Guardian last week, which was pretty cool, and my radio piece about the fight for PTSD service dogs for Canadian veterans was listed as a semi-finalist for the Emerge Media Awards in the audio storytelling category. The winners will be announced on April 25 in Toronto. If I win then I can call myself an “award-winning journalist,” which bodes well for future bio blurbs.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

While putting this week’s sundries together I realized that I hadn’t posted anything last week (uh oh!) because that was the day I landed in London and I think in the back of my mind I had some intention of doing it after I got here. But, I was way too tired and busy looking around and having fun to do it.  No regrets, but here is a pretty sweet video of Ira Glass that I hope makes up for it.

I’ve posted this before but wanted to share it again because I found a longer version, and because it gives me hope.

Yours from London,

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