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October 2013


Pinup: Andriana C.

Really, really happy with how this one turned out. Happy with the colours, happy with the direction of the gaze.  Want to do more photos with this kind of fantasy feel.

Also: I have been watching Once Upon a Time, so that may have (definitely) influenced this Snow White reminiscent palette.

I tried to create this one so that it had sort of a classic look combined with something you’d find on the cover of a superhero comic.


Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire and Dr. James Orbinski were at Dalhousie University here to give a panel discussion on the current front lines of humanitarianism. I was there to take photos for the Gazette, and while a pretty standard shot of Dallaire + Orbinski was used for the newspaper article, I really prefer this quiet one, taken before he got on stage, for its emotional value. I feel like his eyes tell the whole story.


Fall harvest. Pile of apples while out apple picking near Wolfville, Nova Scotia.


From a promotional video shoot for the Halifax Vintage Arcade’s Kickstarter campaign.


Earl Gray: A Noble Contender

For those of you who aren’t from Halifax, you may not know about our city’s history of attempting to get cat’s elected into government positions…

The always dashing candidate Earl Grey poses from his home in Hubley, Nova Scotia shortly before launching his campaign for Premiere of Nova Scotia on September 15th, 2013. Earl Grey Hopes his campaign will bring attention to the state and welfare of feral cats in Nova Scotia, with all campaign contributions going to feline-related charities in the area. He is the successor to Tuxedo Stan who was also a champion of feline and animal rights.