Japan Tea

I’m living on a Japanese tea farm!

June 20, 2018

You might know by now that for the past month and a half I’ve been living on a Japanese tea farm in the Kyoto countryside. The place I’m staying at is called  Obubu Tea Farms and is a really amazing meeting hub between Japanese tea farmers and the international tea loving community.

In just the short time I’ve been here I’ve already made connections to other tea lovers and enthusiasts around the world. Some from far away, like Nairobi in Kenya and Utrecht in the Netherlands, and some as close to home as Saint John, New Brunswick in Canada.

I came here because in the past couple years as I’ve been learning about tea, I’d never actually spent any real time seeing how a tea farm worked. Sure, I’d visited the tea fields at O’Sulloc on Jeju Island, and been to many tea rooms around the world, but I’d never seen tea processed up close, from bush to cup.

I came here hoping to improve my ‘street cred’ as it were, in the tea world. But what I’m learning here is so much deeper than that. It’s not just about the tea fields, but about people, and their connections  to tea. This crazy obsession that brings us all together, that creates economies, that creates life.